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Hell must be a fabulous place

When I was ten my father sat me down in his bedroom, closed the door, and told me that one of the most horrible things a man could be was a homosexual.

I looked up at him from my spot on the floor, towering above in so many ways, and said, "What's that?"

"You know that man who tries to act like a girl on Extreme Home Makeover?  He's one.  He's a gay.  That means you're perverted and have sex with boys instead of girls.  It's horrible and awful and the Bible calls it an abomination.  And if you try it, you'll get AIDS."

A year before that I waded into the knowledge that I had crushes on boys and girls.  I accepted it into my life like the discovery that I needed glasses.

So about the same time I learned there was a word for what I felt, I learned that I was supposed to feel guilty for feeling that way.  So I stayed quiet.  I grew up, and as I grew up the only further education I received about LGBT people was derogatory slang.  Whenever there…

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