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A Personal and Professional Review of 13 Reasons Why

Suicide.  The first time that life altering, sentence diverting word invaded my life in a personal way, beyond the abstract knowledge of its finality, I was eighteen.  I had just started working in an emergency room, and one of my tasks was to sit with patients who had attempted suicide.  Although this one was different, because he had succeeded.  Not immediately, but he had done irreparable damage to his internal organs, and while he sat up and talked with a smiling family in denial, his body was eating itself from the inside out.  I’ll never forget that moment.  It sparked a desire in me to do everything I possible could to prevent anyone from reaching that point.
Fast forward three years later, and I had failed.  One of the closest people to me in this life committed suicide last year, and every action of mine since then has had some connection to that event.  Let me be clear and say that I do not blame myself, but just like Clay in 13 Reasons Why, I still know there are things I co…

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