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For Adventists Only: His Kind of Peculiar?

Want to see a transcript of every conversation I've had about denomination in the last decade?  Don't worry, it's only two sentences:

"Oh, you're a Seventh-Day Adventist? You guys don't _________, do you?"

{Word bank: shop on Saturdays, eat pizza, dance, play instruments in church, believe that Jesus is the eternal Son of God, drink soda, drink coffee, drink anything but water, celebrate Christmas, worship on Sunday, eat meat}

Bonus points if you know which of these are false.  Hint: I'm eating pizza while I write this.

We shake our heads at the misconceptions we've experienced for 175 years, but could it be that we are, at least partially, at fault for the confusion?

The Adventist Church, more than anything else, is known for what we don't do.  We capitalize on weirdness and not eating pork.  We hoist Peter's claim that we are "a peculiar people" on a flagpole of jean skirts, hiking boots, and haystacks.  We culturize eccentrici…

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