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Why some people kill themselves twice: what causes the suicide cycle

What did you do with the odd-matched socks in your drawer the last time you cleaned it out?  If you're like me, if it didn't have a mate you tossed it out.  If something doesn't belong, we generally just get rid of it.  This, and not depression, is the primary reason people commit suicide.
Contrary to common belief, suicide is not caused by depression, but by a lack of belonging.  Depression exacerbates it, makes it worse, of course, but by itself it is rarely enough to make a person decide life isn't worth living.  If someone feels like an odd one for long enough, like a shoe without a mate, eventually they will want to remove themselves from the equation.  Doesn't it seem like a solution for the odd one, while bringing balance back to the rest who belong?
Yet it isn't.  In studies investigating the longterm effects on desire to survive and thrive after suicide attempts, it was found that over 90% of people who attempt suicide and survive regret their decision t…

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