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I'm not content with God as my Sole Provider

You're stranded on a desert island, and you only have one item with you.  What would it be?

I strongly dislike this question (I'd say hate but Ms. Pat always said hate is a strong word).

If everything was taken from you, and all you had left was God, would He be enough for you?

I've always felt the same about this Christian version of the same false dilemma.

I can't tell you if God would be enough for me then, because I've never had everything else taken from me, and honestly I'm very uncomfortable with that.  There have been times that the idea of only having God and nothing else is like waking up on that stranded island with a champagne glass.

But there are also moments when I see how sufficient He has been in times of loss.  When I've lost what I thought I couldn't exist without, in the crossroads of the replacement, the choice in how to react, I've seen Him fill my life with beauty I couldn't expect.

Time after time, small losses, large loss…

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